The Traherne Association welcomes you to this site which celebrates and promotes the life and work of the poet and spiritual writer Thomas Traherne (c1637 - 1674).

Musical settings of Thomas Traherne

The King/Cave Collective performing “Transatlantic Traherne” Hereford Cathedral 2012
(Photo: Derek Foxton)

“Traherne and Finzi lived in the same kind of countryside and the text and music suffuse that, and if you walk in the hills of the West Country you can’t help but visualise that when you sing it. It’s just that wonderful, lilting, soft-edged beauty.”

Toby Spence interview in THE GRAMOPHONE.

This listing has been produced by Jerzy Rosankiewicz and Graham Cosway and includes those items known to date. We will be glad to hear of additions/ amendments. Recordings are liable to be/ have been deleted from catalogues but may be available through specialist retailers. We begin with Finzi (who else?).

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