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Musical settings of Thomas Traherne

Frances Pullen

He in our Childhood with us walks

This is one of the "Saints of Hereford Motets" and sets Traherne’s poem The Approach (verses 2 and 5) for SATB.

He in our Childhood with us walks,
And with our Thoughts mysteriously He talks;
He often visiteth our Minds,
But cold Acceptance in us ever finds:
We send him often grievd away;
Els would he shew us all his Kingdoms Joy.

But now with New and Open Eys,
I see beneath as if above the skies;
And as I Backward look again,
See all his Thoughts and mine most Clear and Plain.
He did Approach, he me did Woo
I wonder that my God this thing would doe.

Published: Saints of Hereford Motets April 2011

Recorded: A recording of the piece, by Ensemble Sine Nomine, may be heard on the Herefordshire composers’ website.