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Musical settings of Thomas Traherne

Fraser Wilson (b.1984)

One Star Made Infinite

A setting for SATB (div.) of the concluding six lines from the poem which comprises meditation III,21 of Traherne’s Centuries of Meditations.

One Star made infinit would all Exclude.
An Earth made infinit could nere be Viewd.
But one being fashioned for the others sake,
He bounding all, did all most usefull make:
And which is best, in Profit and Delight
Tho not in Bulk, they all are infinit.

Published: Fraser Wilson 2007


A setting from the first century of Traherne’s Centuries of Meditations for soprano and piano.

An Empty Book is like an Infants Soul, in which any Thing may be Written. (I,1)

Do you not feel yourself Drawn with the Expectation and Desire of som Great Thing? (I,2)

Is it not a Great Thing, that you should be Heir of the World? (I,3)

Things Strange yet Common; Incredible, yet Known; Most High, yet Plain; (I,3)

Lov is Deeper then at first it can be thought. (I,11)

Published: Fraser Wilson 2007