We include links for Traherne and some kindred interests:

The Oxford Traherne is the website set up by the team preparing a new edition of Traherne’s works

Capacitie was the word used by Thomas Traherne to describe his essential being. This website was created by Alan Mann. http:/

The Traherne blog of David Buresh, whose modernised version
of Centuries is called Waking Up in Heaven

St Mary, Credenhill

St Mary with St Alban Church, Teddington

St Mary, Launton 

The Alliance of Literary Societies

Hereford Cathedral

The Poetry Bookshop, Hay-on-Wye

Brasenose College, Oxford

OxfordDNB carries exhaustive biography of Traherne to which access may be obtained either by, or, for members of public libraries which subscribe to DNB, by entering your local library website and following links. Your library membership number will be required.

Edward Thomas Fellowship:

John Clare Society:

War Poets Collection:

Jane Austen Society:

Blake Society of St James:

William Cobbett Society:

Friends of Coleridge:

Friends of Dymock Poets:

Hardy Society

The Hopkins Society

The Vaughan Association

Live Canon is an ensemble of actors based in London who perform poetry at theatres, festivals and other events in UK. Further information from

One of Tom Denny's inspirational Traherne windows situated in the Audley Chapel in Hereford Cathedral

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