The Traherne Festival is held each summer in Credenhill (5 miles NW of Hereford), and in Hereford.

October 10

Thomas Traherne, Hereford’s poet priest, was buried on 10 October in 1674 and is celebrated both in the Church of England's calendar and by the annual Jeremy Maule lecture.

Jeremy Maule Lecture
23rd September 2019 to 23rd September 2019

The Jeremy Maule Lecture will be given in the Great Hall at Lambeth Palace at 5.00 p.m. on 23rd September by the Rt Revd Richard Harries. Please note the earlier date. His subject will be ’Wanting more and wanting better’ Richard Harries writes: ’The usual assumption is that Christianity disapproves of us wanting things. Traherne takes a very different line, saying we don’t want enough. But when we have moved out of innocent bliss into a world of sin and suffering, how do we manage this wanting?’

A coach has been organised from Hereford, Broad Street, and the first 30 to apply will be shown round the Library and have an opportunity to see the Traherne MS identified by Jeremy Maule that includes The Kingdom of God. The numbers are restricted because only 15 people can look round the Library at once, and there will only be an opportunity for two groups to do so. The ‘other’ group will visit Morton’s Tower, where the conservation team is based, and then swap over with the first group. After this, light refreshments will be available.

The cost for the return coach journey and refreshments will be £40. (The coach will stop both on the way and on the return so that people can buy lunch and supper, or eat a packed lunch.) Those who do not wish to visit the Library, or who are not in the first 30 to apply, are still welcome to come on the coach and partake of refreshments for a reduced charge of £30. (The gap in the afternoon could be pleasantly filled by a visit to the Garden Museum next door to Lambeth Palace.) The talk itself is free and those already in London can simply arrive at the door. For an application form please click here.

One of Tom Denny's inspirational Traherne windows situated in the Audley Chapel in Hereford Cathedral

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