The Traherne Association welcomes you to this site which celebrates and promotes the life and work of the poet and spiritual writer Thomas Traherne (c1637 - 1674).


The Traherne Festival 2024

The Traherne Festival is held each summer in Credenhill (5 miles NW of Hereford), and in Hereford. Our next festival will be held between 1st and 3rd June 2024.

Jeremy Maule Lecture 2023

Thomas Traherne, Hereford’s poet priest, was buried on 10 October in 1674 and is celebrated both in the Church of England’s calendar and by the annual Jeremy Maule lecture. .

This year’s lecture will be given by our chairman, Richard Willmott. The title of his talk is ‘“The wheat was silver”: Thomas Traherne and Modern Poetry’.