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Only what Adam in his first estate
Did I behold;
Hard Silver and Drie Gold
As yet lay under Ground; my Blessed Fate
Was more acquainted with the old
And Innocent Delights which he did see
In his Original Simplicitie.
(from ‘Eden’)

2017 Festival

The 2017 festival will run from 3rd to 5th June 2017.

Speakers include Malcolm Guite, the poet-priest whose latest collection is Parable and Paradox, and Anne Wroe, author of the recently published Six Facets of Light.

Jeremy Maule Lecture
10th October, 2017

This year’s speaker is Dr Johanna Harris of Exeter University, who will speak about Traherne and the Harley family.
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Each Jubilant Chord lists some of the many settings of Traherne's writing to music.

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One of Tom Denny's inspirational Traherne windows situated in the Audley Chapel in Hereford Cathedral

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