The Traherne Festival is held each summer in Credenhill (5 miles NW of Hereford), and in Hereford.

October 10

Thomas Traherne, Hereford’s poet priest, was buried on 10 October in 1674 and is celebrated both in the Church of England's calendar and by the annual Jeremy Maule lecture.

1st June 2019 to 3rd June 2019

A booking form the festival can be found here. On the Saturday Elizabeth Clark will be comparing the treatment of the Fall in Lucy Hutchinson’s Order and Disorder and Traherne’s The Ceremonial Law. Belinda Humfrey will be talking about Traherne’s ’Mirror’ and Jonathan Dean’s talk is entitled ’Seeing the World Aright’: Living in the midst of Change. On Sunday Andrea McLean will talk about her work inspired by Blake and Traherne. The Monday outing will be to Much Marcle and Hellens Manor.

One of Tom Denny's inspirational Traherne windows situated in the Audley Chapel in Hereford Cathedral

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