The Traherne Festival is held each summer in Credenhill (5 miles NW of Hereford), and in Hereford.

October 10

Thomas Traherne, Hereford’s poet priest, was buried on 10 October in 1674 and is celebrated both in the Church of England's calendar and by the annual Jeremy Maule lecture.

2018 Festival
2nd June 2018 to 4th June 2018

This year’s speakers include the poet and critic Hilary Davies, whose most recent volume of poetry is Exile and the Kingdom; Marianne Dorman, who has published on Lancelot Andrewes and the Caroline divine, Mark Frank; and Jane Partner, whose new book to be published in March, Poetry and Vision in Early Modern England, brings together texts and images to provide a context for interpreting the poetry of Traherne and other early modern writers.

Jeremy Maule Lecture
13th October 2018

We are delighted to announce that this year’s lecturer is the Rt. Hon. and Rt. Rev. Lord Williams of Oystermouth.

One of Tom Denny's inspirational Traherne windows situated in the Audley Chapel in Hereford Cathedral

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